How We Do It

The entire process will be executed while working side by side with you, the employer, and making sure you are involved every step of the way.

We also work with current brokers, health plans, and any other partners to incorporate the best, most comprehensive, and healthiest workplace culture.

What We Do

We perform a comprehensive employee survey focusing on the Eight Dimensions of Wellness, Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Intrinsic Motivators, and Physiological Requirements.

We review current Human Resource data, including but not limited to; employee related spending, healthcare spending, absences due to sick days and disability, employee retention rates, current policy and procedures, and benefits and perks.

We assess the current state of the work environment to pinpoint any possible adjustments that could contribute to further employee wellbeing and productivity.

Every workplace is different, therefore; every wellbeing approach will be uniquely designed to fit the needs of your employees!

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Justin is also available for speaking engagements related to wellbeing topics of your choosing!

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